A Bunch of Cheaters Decided to Catch Pokémon Using a Drone

A bunch of pioneering Pokémon bandits have rigged their mobile phone to a DJI drone in a Farfetch’d bid to catch all the monsters in Pokémon Go.

Launched earlier this month, Pokémon Go is a popular augmented reality game that motivates players to walk around the real world and use their phone to catch various Pokémon tied to landmarks – its geocaching in nutshell.

But what happens if you can’t be bothered to roam the streets but still yearn to be a Pokémon Snap master? You play with a drone of course!

The men are taking to the skies with their drones to bypass Nintendo’s veiled attempt at fitness gamification by using a DJI Inspire and remote operation software system for smartphones.

However, just like Team Rocket, their efforts at bypassing the game rules are ill-advised. Flying a drone in urban areas without a permit is against the law and you may find yourself fighting off a flock of disgruntled seagulls (or Pidgeys) in real life.