This New Photo Filter App Turns Images Into Paintings

It’s official – Prisma is the new big hit in photography apps. The filter app has exploded in popularity over the past week, and is now one of the top-ranked photography apps in the iTunes store.

Its filters give the impression of paintings, and are tailored to different artistic styles, turning images into a series of different brush strokes.


First released in June, the app has been gaining popularity ever since, and is now rivalling the daily download figures of long-established apps in the photography space. In a clever marketing ploy, images are accompanied by a clear ‘Prisma’ watermark, which will certainly frustrate users, but has resulted in the app being self-marketing.

As users share the images, their friends across Instagram and Facebook can clearly see the name of the app that the filter came from, and are prompted to download the app for themselves.


Other image manipulation apps have tried to emulate these kinds of filters in the past, but Prisma’s filters are quick and easy to apply. Although it’s unlikely that many pro photographers will be flocking to Prisma anytime soon, the filters are fun and provide some interesting results in certain instances, but can look tacky in others.

Prisma has recently confirmed that it is working on a video version of its app, and an Android version is currently in the works and is due to be released next month.

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