Dehaze is a Tool That Finds Popular Hashtags Related to Photography

When you have to trawl through a list of popular hashtags in order to use Instagram effectively, photography takes a backseat to the gamification of the photo-sharing platform itself. That’s why photographer and developer Nick Smith created an easy tool that makes playing the hashtag game easier for photographers.

Currently in beta, Dehaze is a simple website that allows users to select their style of photography (black and white, street, travel, macro etc) and the region where they took the photo. Once the details are punched in, they can copy and paste the relevant hashtags into their Instagram post.

Smith created the website to solve the issue of identifying the most effective hashtags photographers use on Instagram. He then decided to share the tool publicly in order to collect user feedback (see here) to expand the service further.

At present, there are 19 locations and 14 genres to select from, so Dehaze is admittedly barebones, but there’s something wonderful about trying to fight the machine algorithm with a user-generated version instead! For this reason alone Dehaze is worth checking out here.