Beer Maker Pokes Fun at the Pregnancy Photoshoot in ‘Brewed with Love’ Ad

Bergedorfer Bier have launched a humourous ad campaign featuring men holding onto their bellies to convey the notion that that its beer comes from the factory brewed with love.

The playful campaign was conjured up by German advertising agency Jung von Matt/Alster who were awarded the Silver Lion earlier this month at the Cannes Lions 2016 Awards ceremony; a global awards festival celebrating creatively in advertising, design, and marketing.

The portraits are a light-hearted take on the images we commonly see in pregnancy photoshoots which show women positively glowing as they gaze down upon their pregnant belly. In this instance, the unborn child is replaced with a bulging beer gut and although there’s nothing wrong with having a spare tyre, we’re not quite sure if this tongue-in-cheek ad campaign will actually inspire people to pick up a cold frosty beverage.

The photos are reminiscent of Annie Leibovitz’s iconic pregnancy photo of Demi Moore for the August 1991 Vanity Fair cover. Considered controversial at the time, the nude pregnant handbra pose has been famously replicated for magazine cover shoots—and now, beer!