Nikon Report Delays Stemming from April’s Kumamoto Earthquake

The damage stemming from the Earthquake in Kumamoto, Japan two months ago has now trickled down to Nikon factories in the region. The company is experiencing a delay in sourcing components for its upcoming cameras due to disruption from the quake.

In an official statement, Nikon announced that the COOLPIX A900 and B700 compact zoom line of cameras – both of which were initially scheduled for release during the summer – have been been pushed back to October due to component shortages.

In April, we reported that Sony factories were also impacted by the 7.3 magnitude quake which halted the production of its camera sensors. It therefore comes as no surprise that other factories and suppliers were also affected. Digital Trends speculates that Nikon didn’t announce the delay sooner because it wasn’t initially sure how much impact the earthquake had on product availability at the time.

The statement concludes, “We sincerely apologise to our customers, business partners, and all those who have expressed interest in these models for the delays.”

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