STG Uploader Backs Up Sony Camera Pics to Google


The new unofficial STG Uploader app enables compatible Sony camera with PlayMemories Camera Apps to directly upload images to Google Photos for backup.

This means you no longer have to use a computer as a ‘middleman’ to get your photos into the cloud. Instructions on installing the app are available here. Once you’ve set up Wi-Fi access you’ll need to grant the app an oAuth token on the camera’s SD card. This is safer than storing your Google credentials on the camera itself.

You can revoke access online in case you lose your camera or SD card but you’ll need to go through the login process again if you format your card. According to SonyAlpha Rumors, the app will upload images in full resolution.

Although the app isn’t officially supported by Sony, many users have reported that it works perfectly, and it seems like a logical next step in photo backups to upload image to the cloud automatically. However, some have criticised Sony for not allowing an official PlayMemories app to be built for this purpose, rather than pushing users to dabble with unsupported and potentially dangerous apps to enhance the functionality of their devices.

Although the Alpha series supports Sony’s proprietary app store, a number of users have called for Sony to open more of the camera functions in the API for use by third-party developers, which the Sony appears reluctant to do. Unofficial apps such as this one are clear demonstrations of how much more powerful Sony’s products could be if the company were more trusting with developers.

What do you think? Should Sony give more access to third-party developers or stick to their guns? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.