BrushKnob For Photoshop Offers Greater Control Over Editing

Anyone who regularly uses Photoshop will know that keyboard shortcuts, tooltips and customisable controls abound, meaning that there are many ways to accomplish your desired effect depending on how you’d like to use the software.

BrushKnob is a new IndieGoGo campaign that will put two extra physical controls at the fingertips of Photoshop users – a knob and a button, providing even more ways to utilise your Photoshop skills and avoid learning more pesky keyboard shortcuts. Although the controls (like any others in Photoshop) can be customised, by default the button switches between the eraser and brush tools and the knob changes the size of the brush.

The creator of the BrushKnob, Wataru Kami, is a Tokyo-based concept artist. He writes on IndieGoGo that his product is a “very simple control device that allows the user to intuitively operate Photoshop tools.”

Unlike a graphics tablet or other peripheral, the BrushKnob doesn’t require any additional software to be installed on Windows or OS X, as it will register as an additional keyboard.

You can also assign the relevant keyboard shortcuts to work in other applications, meaning that the knob and button can be utilised for other tasks if needs be.

With 15 days left until it hits its funding deadline, Kami has already secured 95% of the funds required, meaning the BrushKnob almost certainly go into production once funding is confirmed. Backers will receive one BrushKnob for US$28 plus shipping, and the product is expected to ship in October 2016.