$350 for a High-Spec, Heatmapping Nanny Camera

These days, if there’s money to be made by making something more intuitive and adding more bells and whistles, then you better believe someone will, and that’s just what the new Nanit camera does for baby monitors.

The paraphernalia that comes with a new baby is extensive. Cunning marketers know that, when it comes to the health, learning and comfort of your child, you’re likely to stump up big bucks. Big ticket items usually have to show they can grow with the baby to prove their worth, so proving that your product has staying power is crucial.

According to its creators, the Nanit camera does more than just act as a baby monitor, its camera is backed up by machine learning algorithms enabling it to watch, study and learn from the sleeping child. Touted as “the baby monitor that thinks”, the Nanit collects data about the baby’s movements, sharing its insights through an app with parents and caregivers.

HD-quality footage can be sent in real time to a smartphone or tablet.

The Nanit also creates heatmaps to show you the child’s overnight habits and recognises and congratulates the parents for reaching certain milestones, such as the first time the baby puts itself to sleep. Each morning, a sleep score and HD-quality ‘highlight clip’ will get the parents up to speed on what happened over night and, based on its observations, the camera will give them behavioural analysis and tips.

Heatmaps show movement throughout the sleep.

The Nanit learns from its observations, becoming smarter and more personalised over time. CEO and co-founder of Nanit, Dr Assaf Glazer, sees such analytical cameras having broader applications in the future. “Our goal is to expand the boundaries of human observation, and we start with babies,” he shared.

As you probably guessed, the Nanit isn’t cheap. It will cost US$349 when it starts shipping in September, though pre-order customers can avail of the early bird price of US$279. Thereafter you’ll need to pay for a US$10 monthly subscription to Nanit’s analytical software, though early birds get the first month free and can save 50% when preordering a year’s service.