Here’s What a Wedding Day Looks Like to a Photographer

While most professionals will, at one point or another, come across a “What is it that you actually do?” question, for photographers the question is especially loaded. What is actually being asked is: “Why are you charging so much, you’re just taking some photos!”

With the ubiquity of smartphones and high-end DSLRs today, it’s tempting to underestimate the role of a photographer. In response to these questions and critiques, photographer Tom Harmon had the ingenious idea of documenting his day working the most nerve-wracking and responsibility-laden of events—a wedding day.

“I strapped a GoPro to my camera for an entire wedding to show you my point of view,” Harmon explains. “What you see is the actual seconds I am taking the photo, using several different lenses and lighting techniques.”

The GoPro follows as Harmon photographs the bride and groom as they get ready at the start of their big day, moving to the venue, a pre-ceremony shoot, the ceremony, the speeches and into the evening’s festivities. By also sharing the resulting images, the photographer reveals the stark difference between the GoPro warts-and-all footage, and the well-framed professionally finished product given to the happy couple.

So, next time someone asks you ‘what it is exactly’ that you do or whether hiring a professional is actually worth it, direct them to this video to see the work and the ‘professional eye’ required to get the quality results they want.

Or, better yet, strap on a GoPro and make your own to show the doubters how far it is from ‘just taking some photos’.