Raspberry Pi’s New 8-MP Camera Board Costs Only $25

Coders can rejoice as Raspberry Pi has launched a new 8 megapixel camera board that will only cost US$25.

Since 2013, lovers of Raspberry Pi have been using a 5-megapixel camera board accessory. It was the first official accessory and, despite being discontinued in 2014, it is still used in projects today due to a lack of a suitable replacement.

The new 8-megapixel board is selling for the same low price as its predecessor. It’s based on the SONY IMX219 sensor which, while still having certain limitations, is a step up from the previous model.

The Sony IMX219 is curiously already old, as it was released in 2014. Still, it will be able to shoot at 180fps with some HDR capability, and will offer some control over the camera sensor at a hardware level.


Raspberry Pi said: “The image sensor pipeline (ISP) concerts ‘RAW’ Bayer-format RGB input images from the sensor into YUV-format output images, while correcting for sensor and module artefacts such as thermal and shot noise, defective pixels, lens shading and image distortion.”

The camera board comes in infrared and visible light versions and can be purchased here and here with more places to start stocking it soon.

You can learn more about the camera board on Raspberry Pi’s website here.