The Tripod of the Future Isn’t a Tripod At All

For years, we’ve been using the same traditional, three-legged tripod configuration.

Our office is littered with them, as are photography studios around the world. They’re pretty great – the standard configuration offers sturdiness and versatility – and, as a result, their design hasn’t changed for decades. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Well now Edelkrone is aiming to challenge to dominance of the traditional tripod by reinventing it altogether. Throwing out the playbook entirely, the ‘StandPLUS’ is a kind of stand that folds into itself. It’s almost accordion-like in its design, collapsing down into a tiny little package that can be picked up easily from the built-in handle.

The base has three flat feet, rather than legs, which splay out onto the ground, making the StandPLUS less than ideal for uneven terrain, but it does appear to have some advantages. For one, it can be lowered or raised extremely quickly, which can be a pain when using a traditional tripod where you’ll need to adjust each leg separately in order to drastically change angles. It also has a much wider range of tilt than the traditional tripod.

However, this is not a replacement for your tripod, not yet at least. The Edelkrone tagline is ‘reinvent’, rather than ‘replace’ after all. This is a specialised tool, and it’s unlikely anything will ever truly replace the humble tripod, but I like what Edelkrone are attempting here. You have to support an underdog, right?

To learn more about when the StandPLUS will be available, click here. Its price has yet to be confirmed.