DJI M600 is a Powerful Drone Capable of Carrying Heavy Camera Payloads

DJI have released the Matrice 600, an uber high-end hexacopter. Unlike other drones that ask filmmakers to sacrifice image for stability or vice-versa, DJI’s M600 is robust enough to mount a wide variety of camera equipment from lightweight Sony A7 and Panasonic GH4 to the RED cameras seen in Hollywood film productions.

The new drone also features DJI’s brand-new A3 flight controller which touts centimetre level accuracy when repeating flight paths; perfect for reshoots. The M600 will allow directors and pro photographers to seamlessly control up to five aircraft for filming close combat and high-speed chases that require multiple angles.

The DJI is compatible with the Ronin-MX gimbal which can rotate 360-degrees continously without locking and allows full camera control of shutter speed, ISO, f-stop, frame rate and more. Using LightBridge 2, a video feed can be transmitted up to 1080p at 60fps within a 3 mile radius.


DJI’s foray into the film industry with the M600 is seen as a forward-thinking move that’ll allow the company to sidestep the growth problems GoPro faced when sales for consumer gear started to slide. It’s a lesson that Lytro learned the hard way when it was forced to exit the consumer market in favour of evergreen pastures elsewhere.

The DJI M600 is available to purchase now for a steep price of US$4,599, which is probably a good thing as this drone would definitely cause harm if in the hands of a hobbyist or someone with a flagrant disregard for safety.

Here is a select list of specifications for the M600, the full breakdown can be found on the DJI product page.