$170,000 for the Perfect Holiday Snap

A French holidaymaker in Rome has found himself in trouble with Italian police—and facing a fine of up to US$170,000—for violating local laws by flying his drone over the city’s iconic Colosseum.

The man was arrested after local police caught him attempting to take an aerial shot with his drone, violating strict controls on piloting remote aircraft.

Italy’s rules on the use of drones prohibit flights above 70 metres and further than 150 metres from the pilot. In addition, specially permission must be granted to fly drones over populated areas, such as the Colosseum.

A spokesman for the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, Enac, told European news agency The Local, “Tourists are often caught flying drones. For most urban flights people will need to obtain a permit and we invite people to read our guidelines before they try anything.”

The crackdown on drone use at popular tourist destinations has come as a result of increased security concerns following terrorist activity, such as the recent attack on Brussels airport, Belgium.

The increase in regulation is to be expected, though any drone enthusiast should be sure to read up on local laws and those in any areas they plan to visit to avoid a nasty fine.

Cover image: Paal Harald Mork-Knutsen on Flickr.