Newlyweds’ Terrible ‘Professional’ Wedding Images Go Viral

UPDATE: Photographer of Newlyweds’ Terrible ‘Professional’ Wedding Images Comes Forward

When you’re planning a wedding there are several areas you can save costs, such as downgrading the wedding cake, opting for a simpler dress or exploring different catering options.

Two areas where you shouldn’t scrimp are the venue and the photographer for your big day, though some will argue otherwise.

If you love the setting, and you like your photographer’s vision then, if worst comes to worst, at the very least you’ll spend a nice few hours in your preferred place and have some quality photographs to treasure.

The likelihood is, there’s bound to be a few misses over the day but a good photographer will provide you will a selection of shots of the day’s key moments which show the event as you remember it, or even better.

One pair of newlyweds in Singapore have been left reeling after their photographer delivered the over-processed, badly timed and downright unflattering images of their wedding day.


Jaclyn Ying / Facebook

In a Facebook post, which has now been shared over 10,000 times, the bride Jaclyn Ying has shared her story. Ying and her then-fiancé bought a full wedding package from a respected bridal shop, though they were told that they would not be able to choose their photographer.

Sure it’s easy for us to say this should have set alarm bells ringing in their heads, but since they don’t get married every day, they trusted the judgement of the bridal shop.

Ying wrote, “Before we signed on, we were told that while we couldn’t choose our photographer, the standard of the talent pool was consistent. Naturally (and being Singaporean), we asked, “Sure annot.” And [we] were promptly shown a portfolio of actual day photos.”

“They looked alright, and so we signed on thinking, ‘Okay la hor, how bad can they be.’”

Apparently, pretty bad.


Jaclyn Ying / Facebook


Jaclyn Ying / Facebook


Jaclyn Ying / Facebook


Jaclyn Ying / Facebook

As Ying put it,

“It’s bad, guys. Like, first-date-and-you-clog-the-toilet-with-your-pangsai bad. Or, trust-a-fart-and-a-bit-of-poop-comes-out bad.”

Ying and her now-husband have contacted the bridal shop, though they realise it won’t be possible to retake the day’s photographs. She wrote,

“Nothing is going to take away the fact that our wedding photos by this dude are pretty much ruined. What’s more, he was our only “pro” photog for that day.”

The couple are also appealing to their guests to send them any photos they took of the day in the hope one of them might have done a better job.

Ying does not share the name of the photographer or bridal shop she dealt with, insisting that the aim of the post was not to ‘flame and shame’ but rather to share her ‘hilariously bad’ experience. She does, however, note that if any of her bride-to-be friends were to ask for the names she would be happy to divulge.

Check out more of the shots on Ying’s Facebook page.

UPDATE: Photographer of Newlyweds’ Terrible ‘Professional’ Wedding Images Comes Forward