To Celebrate Its 75th Anniversary, Hasselblad Unveils All New Medium Format Camera

In a surprise announcement—after a rather quiet 2015—Hasselblad has revealed their latest generation H camera—the H6D.

Two models will be offered—the H6D-100c with a 100-megapixel sensor, max ISO range of 12,800 and 4K video, and the H6D-50c with a 50-megapixel sensor, max ISO range of 6400 and HD video.


The launch video below from Hasselblad highlights the brand’s past accomplishments and the new features they’ve developed for the H6D including an all-new electronic platform, a high-resolution touch display, USB 3.0, dual SD and CFast slots, built in WiFi and more.

They’re also bringing out a new lens range, with more information expected later in the year—perhaps in September to coincide with the Photokina trade show in Cologne. The lenses will sport an orange marking to identify them from previous versions and will support speeds of up to 1/2000s.


The new H System lenses.

If you’re in the market for a H6D, you won’t have to wait that long as they’re going on sale later this month. You’ll be able to pick up the H6D-50c with its 14 stops of dynamic range for €22,900 +VAT. The H6D-100c, with 15 stops of dynamic range—and a CMOS sensor almost 50% bigger compared to the 50c’s—will set you back €28,900 +VAT.

Existing Hasselblad owners will be able to take advantage of various trade-in options—worth up to €11,400 for a H5D-50—and Hasselblad is tripling its warranty offering.

While you mull over how you’re going to scrape that cash together, check out the sample images taken by Tom Oldham and photography duo Aorta.


Find out more about the H6D-100c and the H6D-50c on Hasselblad’s website.