These Are The First Photos From The Leica-powered Huawei P9

Things are moving at a blistering speed for Huawei—one of China’s (and therefore the world’s) largest phone manufacturers.

Just a few years ago they were virtually unknown and without much of a reputation to speak of. But with an aggressive acquisition of engineering talent and marketing bravado, such as their recently announced partnership with Leica, Huawei are destined to become an international force to be reckoned with.

For photographers the new dual-lens (two 24mm f/2.2 Summarit ASPH lenses to be specific) Huawei P9 promises to become a monster, although before we have a working model in our hands all we can do is take a look at some of the sample images that have been released.

Both of the attached cameras are 12 megapixels, with one shooting color and the other black & white.


Image by Lamarr Golding

Similarly to how Apple accompanied the release of the iPhone 6 with its brilliant #ShotOniPhone campaign, it seems that Huawei are deliberately targetting photographers.

They teamed up with Berlin-based photography startup EyeEm to include the app pre-installed on 5 million of their P9 smartphones, and even sent a select few EyeEm photographers the phone before launch in order for them to try it out.


Image by David Gutierrez

Alongside David Guttenfelder from National Geographic and selected photographers from Leica, Condé Nast Traveler and BANFF, Huawei asked the EyeEm photographers to shoot their home cities of Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, and Berlin.


Image by Céline Auffret


Image by Enrica Brescia


Image by Alexander Kopke


Image by Céline Auffret


Image by Enrica Brescia

In Europe and Asia the 32GB P9 will be available in April for £450 (~US $630), while the 64GB P9 Plus will be available in May for £550 (~US $770).

Images by Lamarr Golding in London, Alexander Kopke in Berlin, Céline Auffret in Paris, David Gutierrez in Madrid, and Enrica Brescia in Rome. Cover image by Alexander Kopke.