Olympus Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera On The Way?

Japanese website Egami has reported a patent filed by Olympus included full-frame lenses, including a 28mm f/2.

Olympus is a Micro Four Thirds manufacturer, and they have no reason with their current product line to produce, let alone develop, a full-frame lens.

This fuels the speculation they will be making their own full-frame camera for their lenses.

Olympus full-frame lens patents from Egami

Unfortunately, there were no announcements made at CP+ 2016. The other possibility is they could be making a full-frame lens for another brand. This has been done before with Leica for Panasonic, Tamron for Pentax and Sigma for other companies (although the names of those companies have not been disclosed).

SLR Lounge has noted this is a strange time for Olympus to try and join the full-frame market, adding that the only thing that would make sense is a mirrorless to compete against the Sony A7 series. No one else is doing that and, if they did, cracking the monopoly could be very valuable to Olympus.

While companies regularly file patents without any guarantees the product will see the light of day, we may hear more at Photokina in September. At the very least, the speculation is still pointing towards a mirrorless camera with a larger sensor, even if they are not developing the camera system themselves.