Amazing Ex-Army ‘Portable’ Darkroom, Yours for Just $2,500

Ah, the wonders of Craigslist.

The place where irregular meetings are arranged and quirky oddities are exchanged has come up trumps with this ‘portable’ darkroom.


The darkroom’s ventilation.

It was once owned by the US Army—not such a surprise once you’ve had the chance to admire its understated paint job.

If you’re in the Hillsborough, North Carolina area of the US you can take this self-contained darkroom home for just US $2,500, OBO.

It comes equipped with enlargers, trays, professional style print washers and timers. All you’ll need to get started is paper and the development chemicals.

That, space to store the darkroom, a vehicle capable of bringing it there, and neighbours prepared to come over and check it out before calling the police about your new torture chamber.

Oh, and you might want to tell a friend where you’re going when you go to check it out…

Check out more pictures of the ultimate photography cave below.


Find the advert here.