How Ansel Adams Became a Photography Legend

The work and processes of Ansel Adams are now recognised as photography genius, but Adams wasn’t born a pro photographer.

From Brownie Box camera to large format, landscape photography was always his passion, though his technique improved significantly over time.

The six-minute video below, Ansel Adams: Photography With Intention, pinpoints the the moments and photos that led to Adams’ widespread and lasting acclaim.

Video creator and narrator Evan Puschak—AKA the Nerdwriter—looks specifically at Adams’ use of visualisation, or “seeing it in your mind’s eye” before getting the shot, as shared by Adams in the video, and the Zone System the photographer developed to aid him in making—not taking—a photograph.

“The next time you walk by one of Ansel Adams’ photographs in the hallway of your doctor’s office, take a longer look and remember that our photographic world is the one he gave us.” — Puschak