Hong Kong Man Falls to His Death For Ultimate Selfie

It’s the latest but, dare we say, not the last case of its kind.

A man has lost his life while attempting to take a selfie with one of Hong Kong’s best known natural landmarks.

After climbing up the popular ‘Lion Rock’ mountain alone, the approximately 30-year-old man was seen by others hikers taking selfies on his smartphone with a backdrop of the famous ‘lion’s head’ on Saturday afternoon.

A witness told Apple Daily, “He was moving further out, probably to get a better view of himself and the lion’s head.”

The man then reportedly moved to the edge of the cliff, where there are no railings, and disappeared from view.

The witness then reports he heard a scream and saw the man falling backwards. He and others rushed to the edge with other walkers.

The man was clinging to a clump of grass to keep from falling down the 150-metre drop below.

The group tried to climb down the rock side to reach him but were unable to do so in time.

Firemen and paramedics from the Government Flying Service found the body three hours later and confirmed that it appeared he had died of his wounds. No identifying documents were found on the body.

Unfortunately this is just the latest in a rapidly growing list of deaths caused by lapses in judgement while taking selfies.

Mumbai has responded by putting in place ‘selfie-free zones’—a necessity perhaps since 40% of global selfie deaths since 2014 happened in India. And the Russian government has launched a selfie safety awareness campaign to urge its citizens to exercise caution while taking photographs and using selfie sticks.

Cover image of Lion Rock: Wikimedia commons.