The Canon 5DX Is Coming

Rumours have surfaced today about the next generation of Canon 5D, which will allegedly drop the ‘Mark’ and be called simply the ‘5DX’. The 5D Mark III was announced in March 2012 and although it’s still a very capable piece of kit, some of the specs could use a refresh, and the 5DX looks like it’ll pull the 5D line into 2016 with some big improvements.

After the introduction of Dualpixel CMOS AF sensor inside the Canon 1DX Mark II we’d expect to also see a Dualpixel CMOS AF full frame sensor inside Canon 5DX. Our sources say that the 5D will be announced at or around NAB, which begins on April 18th, and tell us that ‘4k is certain’, which was one of our biggest disappointments with with 80D. A new AF system based on 1D X Mark II is expected, and although some previous rumours predicted a separate video-oriented model, we’re told that no such camera is being produced.

The new 5D will also include Canon Log and Wide DR gamut, allowing the camera to capture a much wider dynamic range and opening up more possibilities in post. The camera will reportedly include both a CFast card slot and an SD card slot, presumably to accommodate 4K video.

The 5DX is already in testing with a select number of photographers, and should be ready for production once any software bugs have been ironed out.

Update: A previous version of this article was incorrectly sourced and has now been credited to CanonRumors and NewCamera.