Pervy Photographer Procures Panties During Model Photo Shoot?

A Taiwanese lingerie model, Sprite (雪碧), has spoken out about a strange and embarrassing incident that recently transpired during a photography workshop.

Sprite packed some of her own lingerie to wear for the amateur photography session but when it came to the final costume change, she discovered that her green underwear had suddenly gone missing.

After bringing it to the attention of a staff member it became apparent that the garment was likely in the possession of someone participating at the workshop event.

It’s unknown how many photographers were in attendance but they were all thoroughly searched until the panties in question were finally discovered on the floor, unceremoniously abandoned by the panty thief.

Sprite later penned a Facebook post to apologise to the innocent photographers who left the photography session a little red-faced over the abrupt ending, although they probably would’ve left positively glowing regardless!

Title image composited from images via 真雪碧 無雙ss