RUMOUR: Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Camera Sensor Will Blow The Competition Away

Samsung are steadily building hype towards Sunday when they will officially unveil the next Galaxy smartphone. The company have already been teasing the Galaxy S7 with Seven Days of Unboxing, a series of trailers where someone gets to spend 30-seconds with the phone and then show us what they saw; the weirdest one so far featuring a llama named Kuzco.

Entertaining stuff. Sadly Samsung forgot about the leaky internet ship in which we surf because only three days into the campaign, an anonymous source decided to share the mysterious Galaxy S7 with the world.

But there’s more to the Galaxy S7 story then what it looks like. Early speculation hints at it featuring a 12-megapixel rear camera (reduced from Galaxy S6’s 16-MP) coupled with a larger sensor size beating that of current champions Nexus 5X and 6P. Digital Trends also reports that the aperture could also increase to f/1.7.

“This is a significant increase over the Galaxy S6, which had an aperture of f/1.9. Couple this with the rumor that the sensor size could be 1/2.0″, and the Galaxy S7 could have one of the best cameras we have seen on a smartphone.”

Rumours from last year also point toward the possible inclusion of Samsung’s new BRITECELL technology which improves low-light camera performance while also conforming to the super slim form factor Galaxy smartphones are known for.

Could we be looking at a low-light mobile powerhouse in the Galaxy S7?

Perhaps. A larger sensor size coupled with BRITECELL would be the perfect marriage of technology when it comes to low noise image capture. On a contrarian note, the Galaxy S7 might feature Sony’s recently touted high-speed AF and 3-axis IS Exmor RS sensor instead. All will be revealed in two days.

Title photo via techradar