New Phase One 100-MP Mirrorless Camera Is Pure Class


This camera is beautiful. It’s a part of the A-Series pitched at fine art photographers (who make lots of money off their photos). Phase One have combined the IQ3 medium format 100 megapixel back and ALPA 12TC camera body to create this masterpiece.

ALPA has been making cameras and medium format camera bodies for decades. The Swiss brand specifically made the camera body for the Phase One back enabling seamless integration between the two.

As you’d expect with Phase One, it will cost you; US $56,000 dollars in fact.

Included in the price you also get a 35mm lens

So what makes it worth the money?

Other than its good looks, the specially calibrated CMOS sensor is 2.5 times larger than high end DSLRs, and can take advantage of Rodenstock optics.

The camera has an ISO range of 50 to 12800, 15 F-stops of dynamic range, 16-bit colour and an exposure time of 1/500 of a second up to 60 minutes.

Just select a lens and start shooting

It is similar to the XF 100-MP medium format camera released in January, which is obvious once you learn the back of the IQ3 can connect to the XF camera system. It has a 8cm (3.2inch) retina touch screen and can displace full frame Live View at 30fps. If that’s not enough, you can watch the Live View on a separate monitor through an HDMI port.

Lens options

The lenses range from the ultra-wide Alpagon f/5.6 23mm, the wide ALPAR f/4.0 35mm and the Alpagon f/5.6 70mm. Don’t worry if you already own ALPA lenses, they will still be compatible. On the camera simply select the lens you are shooting with and the work is done. No need to create Lens Cast Corrections for software integration.

The framing of the lenses

Because it lacks a viewfinder, Phase One have developed Capture Pilot. This enables users to connect to their iOS device to see Live View where they can control the image.

The iOS mount comes with the camera

Even with the rosewood grip, the camera is also surprisingly light at just under 2kg (4.1 lb). Take a look at the camera in action below.

If you do happen to get this camera, just know we’re jealous, and it will come with 5 years warranty along with all of these nice things.

The only thing missing is the kitchen sink