Canon’s Action-Packed 1D-X Mark II Promo Looks Like Iron Man I Suppose

Canon’s latest visual treatment for the much anticipated 1D-X Mark II sure is flashy. Seriously, I’ve never been more excited for a camera in my life and I really don’t know why. I guess it’s thanks in part by this action-packed promo feature.

The video lays out the final specs for Canon’s flagship DSLR which is said to carry immense power and phenomenal speed…paralleling that of Marvel’s Ironclad superhero I suppose?


Here’s the not-so-fun necessary stuff.

Canon U.S.A.’s Technical Advisor Rudy Winston.

Introducing the shooting speed fps, burst rates, autofocus, sensor, media, on board GPS of the Canon EOS 1D-X Mark II.

Canon U.S.A.’s Technical Advisor Brent Ramsey.

Introducing 4K capture, movie Frames Per Second, resolutions, JPEG frame grabs, and Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus of the Canon EOS 1D-X Mark II

For a quick breakdown of the camera specs check out our announcement article for the Canon 1D-X Mark II here.