Nikon Prize Winner Apologises For Photoshopped Image

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This simple photo was turned into a worldwide phenomenon yesterday after the photoshopped image won an award from Nikon.

As previously reported this landed Nikon in a spot of bother, with the image easily being proven fake. All we had to do was change the contrast.


Now the photographer, Yu Wei, has posted an appology on Instagram. The TLDR; he inserted the plane using the app PicsArt for fun but says he made a mistake by submitting the photo into a competition.

He has faced a lot of abuse online for his image with with people calling him a laughing stock and liar who has destroyed photography. More comments can be found here.


The original photo was captioned ‘Look Up’

Nikon, with all the publicity is taking a tough stance on their Facebook page saying that standards should not be compromised, even for casual photography contests. You can read their full comments below.

The original facebook post has been removed. Here is a screenshot of what started it all.



It’s looking like the idea for the photo wasn’t his either. Take a look at this image from 54 weeks ago by Singapore street photograper Lee Yik Keat.

They comment it is an edited shot right from the start as people question the timing of the photo. This is how it should be done!


Instagram comment

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