Music Fauxtographers Are Assholes

You’ve all seen them – you might have even done it yourself – that one twat at music gigs who decides to get into ‘perfect’ position for a photo but has no awareness or care for anyone else at the event.

There seem to be two kinds you can see from a mile away; The ‘I own a DSLR and take AMAZING photos’ person or the kind carrying an iPad. Seriously, who brings an iPad to a concert, it’s like saying “I don’t care if people can’t see, but I’ll record this to never watch again”.


Tumblr / Group: Wild Beasts. Location: Pier 84 – NYC

You are singing along and then you find yourself watching the show through someones iPhone raised in the air in front of you (even worse if they are filming vertically!)

Highlighting these morons is a blog called Assholes In The Photo Pit. No, you really don’t need to shove a camera into the face of the performer, hold an iPad up in the front row of the crowd or be like this dick who has climbed onto the front of the stage to get his shot.


Tumblr / Group: War on Women. Location: Punk Rock Holiday

Even celebrities aren’t immune to doing this. Look at David Hasselhoff who really should know better than trying to film at Coachella with an iPhone.


Tumblr / Location: Coachella. Photo: Josh Fogel

Don’t be these guys, have respect for the performer and audience around you and have a fantastic time! If you spend the entire time looking through a camera lens, you aren’t getting the full experience.

What’s the worst experience you’ve had with photographers (or fauxtographers) at music gigs? Tell us below or on Facebook.

Cover photo Assholes in the photo pit. Group: Bradstein (Rammstein cover band). Location: 7er Club Germany