No Place Too Dark For the Sony a7S II? Low Light Performance Shows Limits of the Human Eye


If you’ve been lucky enough to have a chance to play around with the Sony a7S II, you’ll already know it’s low light performance is outstanding. If you can’t get your hands on one check out Kai’s hands-on review.

Greek photographer ‘Boji’ decided to make the video above to show just how much better the camera performs than the human eye.

Whilst of course it was not possible to show the true quality of the view seen by the eye, he tested different settings until what he saw in camera matched what he was seeing with his eyes. This turned out to be ISO with a shutter speeds of between 100 to 200.

For the ‘camera view’, Boji shot at between ISO 64,000 and ISO 256,000, with no noise reduction added in post processing. He used a Rokinon 50mm t1.5 cine lens.

In fact, the photographer shared that he struggled to find any places dark enough to truly challenge the Sony a7S II.

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