Take a 360° Tour of Buckingham Palace

Take a step through the guarded doors of Buckingham Palace thanks to the latest Google Expedition. You’re given 360-degree access and led by guides who reveal a few Palace secrets.

Master of the Household to the Sovereign Vice Admiral Charles Anthony Johnstone-Burt, gives you a knowledgeable glimpse into the home of the Queen of England.

The Throne Room

Anna Reynolds, the palace’s official curator of paintings, talks about the details of the rooms, including how often they are renovated.

The Green Drawing Room – The walls are hung with green silk, replaced every 30 years.

We believe it was shot on a 16-camera GoPro rig that films 360-degree scenes for use in Google’s Cardboard VR headsets. Tours like this are still an art form that needs mastering. Even at the highest quality the video is a little grainy but the stitching of images is pretty solid throughout the video.


You can take a look around the palace and see all the detail yourself on your phone, through the YouTube app, or by clicking the video above. Note, the video is not supported on Safari.