Watch this 360º Underwater Bikini Photoshoot in 4K!

Take a deep dive behind-the-scenes of an underwater photoshoot in this 360-degree video by celestial sphere filmmaker Watanabe-Ka.

The interactive video was filmed during Koga Manabu’s bikini stocking-themed photoshoots last summer with the photos later released as part of a photobook collection and exhibition in 2015.

You might need to switch browser or use the YouTube app to get intended 360 experience.

Skimpy models aside, the video demonstrates the educational potential of 360 when applied to photography tutorials.


The models featured in the shoot are called ‘Suichu Niso’ girls for their underwater knee-high socks.

The photos have become so popular in Japan that a monthly Underwater Knee-High Girls magazine featuring additional behind-the-scenes tidbits was launched earlier this month (January 2016).


6 GoPros were used to film the omnidirectional 360 video.


Diving gear was used to perform the shoot.

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Screenshots via Watanabe-Ka, model with GoPro via Koga Manabu