Intel 3D RealSense Camera To Support Android

Intel has announced it is getting ready to ship The RealSense R200 camera. As a bonus for Android users it will now include OS support.

The 3D camera has the ability to measure distances between objects and recognise them. It also tracks movement and gestures much like Microsoft’s Kinect.

The device includes RGB (color) and stereoscopic infrared sensors to produce depth. Intel wants photographers to be able to use the worlds it creates to enhance photos. The technology would allow you to include 3D objects, allow re-lighting, re-focusing, and background segmentation.

To watch a video on the camera click here

If you have a better use for the camera, you can use the RealSense software development kit (only on Windows) to play with the technology. The goal is the camera will eventually be able to pick up on moods, map out surroundings in reality to be used in virtual worlds, and capture the world in 3D to let you print objects in 3D.

It will plug directly into full sized USB 3.0 port or USB Type-C connection. It will only work with micro USB 3.0 ports if an adapter is used. The other restrictions are it will only work with tablets and PCs running on Intel Core (Haswell and beyond), Core M and Atom (Cherry Trail) chips.

The $99 external camera is also being built into some upcoming laptops and tablets. It’s 9.5mm thick and 102mm long. Orders are underway now here for the US, Canada, China, Japan and the EU, but there is no information on shipping dates.

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