How (Not) to Deal With Confrontation in Street Photography

While photographing people in a public space may be your right sometimes it may not be the right thing to do. Two street photographers uploaded videos recently showing two hugely different ways to engaged with those annoyed by having their picture taken.

Note: Both videos contain strong language.

In the video below, street photographer Chuck Jines can be seen photographing passersby on a street corner in New Orleans. Reactions to Jines’ way of dealing with a man who takes offence to having his photo taken have been scathing. The good stuff starts at [7:24].

Street photographer Keenan Hastings came up against an aggressive security guard in Detroit telling him to stop filming. His chosen method for dealing with the situation could not be more different than Vines’.

Jines clearly failed to deescalate the situation, in fact he antagonised the man for his own amusement, it appears.

Though if all photographers were to follow Hastings’ example, those exercising their right would be seen to be in the wrong. Perhaps a happy medium is needed.

What would you have done in each situation?

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