Photographer Captures Birds In The Moments Before Chomping Down On Their Prey

There will always be winners and losers in the animal kingdom and it is this battle that Salah Baazizi likes to document in his ongoing series which captures birds in the act of chowing down.


The Algerian photographer started taking well-timed shots of various murder birds in the midst of catching their prey since he saw a great blue heron impale a stingray while walking along California beach.

It is the struggle between the fish doing everything to free itself from the bird’s beak…the bird doing its best to hold onto its prey while positioning it in order to be swallowed head first.

I felt sorry for how the prey was treated and was shocked to see that this could even happen…But somehow I was glad I documented.

Bazazizi shoots his airborne subjects with a Canon 7D II with 400mm lens from a distance of 15 to 30 feet at 1/2500 shutter speed to freeze the action in its place.

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