Tired of Smartphone Photographers? New Technology Could Save Your Experience

Whether your preferred venue is a cavernous concert hall, an art gallery, or the depths of Disneyland, new product Yondr could be set to rid your view of large, brightly lit mobile phone screens, incessant flashes and Trigger Happy TV-style neighbours.

Piquing the interest already of several performers for use at their concerts, Yondr is a simple sock-like cover with a lock which functions a bit like magnetic security tags found on clothing.


The idea is, with their phones safely locked away but in their possession, concertgoers will enjoy their surroundings in a way they haven’t since the dawn of the affordable camera-toting smartphone.

Rather than calling, texting, photographing, recording and Googling, Yondr hopes to save the experience of live music, and in future other experience oft-ruined by others, for one and all.


To make or take an important phone call, users simply have to leave the phone-free zone and have the cover unlocked.

Some have pointed out that, while their predecessors were unable to, they enjoy snapping a picture or two of their favourite artist to save or share with friends that couldn’t make it.

While it’s true artists will welcome such a way to remonetise the images and videos of their performances, no doubt the quality of both will be improved.

No longer will a blurry and echoey 10-minute snippet of a singer’s latest concert make its way onto YouTube and Instagram, instead professional videographers and photographers will be able to do what they do best and create high quality footage. As an added bonus, Artists and publications will need to pay professionals properly for coverage of events, rather than retweet or pick up a fan’s smartphone photo for peanuts.

Nowhere so far have Yondr suggested any intention to make covers big enough to cover a point-and-shoot or DSLR—assumedly those who value true photography won’t need a shaky video of a performance or 37 out-of-focus shots of the Mona Lisa.

After too many music festivals, fireworks displays and other performances and galleries ruined by those unable to keep their screens down, I personally welcome the Yondr with arms wide open.

Now, if they can make them to fit iPads and other tablets, that would be perfect.

You may see Yondr in action at a concert or comedy show soon if you haven’t already. Are you a fan of this idea? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.