A British Couple Used Instagram To Find Photographer Who Shot Their Engagement In Iceland

It’s a little refreshing to know that somewhere out there is a couple who don’t Instagram their every precious, intimate moment—such as their engagement in Iceland.

But such is life that even when you don’t want to publicise everything online, someone else will do it for you. And once you realise such a photo exists, you’ll change your mind and want the memory.

Shortly after Michael Kent proposed to his girlfriend Fiona Newlands last Saturday in a beautifully snowy street in Reykjavik, Iceland, he noticed that a woman had taken a picture of the moment. After his girlfriend said yes (congratulations!), the couple went over to exchange contact details with the stranger.

Since the whole thing was so hurried however, Kent was worried that he had given the wrong email address to the woman, so upon returning home he went on Facebook in a desperate attempt to find the photographer.

“If we could find that picture it’d be incredible. Below is a scene of the crime. If we can’t find it, that’s life I guess, I’m still very lucky.”

Even after his post was shared 85 times though, he had no luck. So he tried tweeting the image online, which turned out to be a pretty smart move.

After the Icelandic magazine The Reykjavik Grapevine retweeted his post, a woman said she knew the stranger who helped them take the photo.

It turned out the Instagrammer with such an eye for the moment was Jessica Bowe, an Iceland-based photographer, who had shared it online.

Afterwards, Kent took to Facebook once again to share his joy and disbelief.

“I can’t believe what’s happened. The woman who took the picture of me proposing to Friona in the street, posted it online after I put my email in wrong on the night. Through me posting on Twitter we were reunited with the photo. I can’t believe it.”

Maybe he should have just shot a selfie.

But then again, the framing wouldn’t exactly have been so picturesque. Always leave it to the pros!