Photoshopped Anime Girls Breathe Life Into Desolate Backdrops

In “I reject your reality and substitute my own” news 4chan—an imageboard known for creating dank memes—decided to spread their creativity elsewhere by posting cute anime girls in places they are not usually seen.

Users were invited to submit photo manipulations merging anime with the real world, seamlessly placing cartoon characters into background images by using proper depth cues.

Many commenters cited the use of Russia in the artwork and began to criticise the country’s gloomy urban decor.

Perhaps the images were taken from a Russian community such as 2D Among Us, where digitally editing 2D characters into reality has become a rapidly growing trend.

Photos of Japan were also shared but didn’t quite strike that same otherworldly nerve felt when seeing an eccentric anime character in a sombre setting.

Head over to 4chan by clicking here to see more images, don’t venture too far down the rabbit hole though!