What Does a Photographer See That Nobody Else Does?

Using some rather nifty eye-tracking technology Canon show us the many intricate ways in which a photographer will obsess over the tiniest of details in a photograph.

In this ‘Obsession Experiment’ Canon ask a non-photographer (normie), photography student (level 3 photog), and a professional photographer (protog) to look at the photograph below.

There’s a slight bias in that the protog, Joel Grimes, was the guy who actually captured the shot but we’ll just let that slide.

In summary, subject and environment informs the normie’s critique of the piece in equal measure. The level 3 photog pays more attention to composition and the “really cool” little details. The protog inspects every little feature including items of clothing on the subject from top to bottom.


What is the Photographer’s Obsession? I think we’ve cracked it!