Exasperated Wife Divorces ‘Photography Obsessed’ Husband

Photography has been named as a major contributing factor in the application for the divorce of newlywed couple ‘Ms Chien’ and ‘Mr Cai’.

The case was recently seen in Taipei’s District Court. The judge heard that the pair had been an item for one year and got married 10 days before Chien gave birth to their child.

The wife alleges that her husband lacked empathy and appropriateness in photography of herself and their infant son, accusing Cai of taking photo-taking ‘to an unhealthy level’.

Chien shared how her husband seemed to disregard the feelings of their friends and family in his pursuit of shots, using his mobile phone and camera to get pictures and videos at inappropriate times.

Chien claims that he insisted on photographing her soon after she had given birth, through her ‘confinement period’, and when she was breastfeeding their son—despite her complaints.

When their son was receiving a vaccination injection, the doctor was asked to administer it twice to allow Cai to get a good shot.

Once, when Chien woke at 2am to the sound of her baby’s cries, an argument over whether to approach him or get out the tripod and photograph him resulted in the couple arguing until dawn.

Apparently he also saw opportunities for close ups when his newborn son was peeing and picking his nose.

Chien requested the judge order Cai to pay her 25,000 yuan in living expenses for the boy. The judge ruled that the marriage breakdown was not solely the fault of the husband, but rather due to a lack of compatibility. They were both ordered to contribute 13,500 yuan per month for living expenses for their son.

Title image: Matt P. on Flickr.