The Lumopro Lightswitch is a Cool Tool for Lightweight Lighting

Earlier this year I decided to take a new approach to my lighting in reference to wedding work, starting to bring less and less with me to weddings and trying to get back to basics. I must admit, I’ve been a long time sufferer of extreme case of GAS (gear aquisition syndrome) and it was affecting me greatly during weddings. I found myself lugging a studio worth of gear with me to these events, and with no assistants on the shoots, it was turning out to be less beneficial than I would’ve liked. So when I recieved this nifty case that also molded into a few lightshapers, I decided I’d give it the truest test-run and bring the lightswitch as my only tool throughout a wedding.

no0ivsxprhagxgqslapfReflector setting for Lumopro “lightswitch”

The case itself is pretty substantial, the same quality that you’d get from a nikon or canon speedlight case. Where it really shines is in one of its four functions, the reflector, bounce card, flag, or snoot … which I felt was my favorite, even though snoot it’s not listed on their website.

As any wedding photographer knows, a wedding reception is often one of the harder things to shoot … the DJ wants the room dark to show of his new lazer lights, the Materdie wants enough light so no-one trips and breaks something on their way to the restroom, and you’re left with a mix of light that your camera can barely see without going to iso 6400 anyway. Most people go with bounce flash as their go-to lighting source when in this situation. The ceiling bounce is the hand grenade of lighting … pull the pin and BOOM light goes everywhere.


Lumopro Reflector in action with the LP180 speedlight

What I love about the reflector card on the lightswitch is how it helps push light outward into the scene as well as allowing the light splash off the ceiling providing you decent exposure. The look has just enough Terry Richardson without getting too crazy … remember this is a wedding we’re shooting here.


Reflector setting for Lumopro “lightswitch”

The next few images are in my favorite position for the lightswitch…the SNOOT.

A snoot basically takes all of your light into a small circle and projects that outward to your subject. Your flash will look like some alien weaponry, and be absolutely positive that people will be looking at you strange, but enjoy playing around and capturing some details or dance images with it … I love being able to take full control and have my light go only where I want you to see (didn’t you know photographers are control freaks?)


Lumopro Snoot


Lumopro Snoot


Snootin’ on the danefloor


Snootin’on the dancefloor 2

All in, the Lightswitch case will run you $30 … not bad for something so versitile. The biggest thing I’d like to see in an updated version is some velcro on the top of the case to make it easier to fashion the snoot to your flash. With the current version in order to make the snoot you’ll need to tuck the “tongue” of the case into a pocket located in the back, which isn’t that hard, but is an annoyance if it comes out and blocks your light …. cause you know that’s gonna happen on the most imporant part of the event ;]