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Introducing The Tesla Drone: 30MP Camera, 4K Video & 60-Minute Flight Time

UK-based industrial engineer Fraser Leid has released details about his rather unconventional concept drone.

Gone is the usual quadcopter-style four-propeller design, the drone’s two carbon GlideLite propellers function in both vertical and horizontal positions and work together to give steady footage, eliminating the need for a gimbal.


Leid explained that for slow, wide-angled panoramic videos, having the propellers in a vertical configuration allows the drone to move slowly and steadily. For fast-paced, low-angled action videos, flying with the propellers in a horizontal configuration will make the drone nimble, quick and easy to handle at faster speeds, while also steadying the camera.


The designer was keen to address the common issue of battery life in currently available drones, which can limit flying time to 20 minutes and need 60 minutes for charging.


The Tesla Drone sports a 10,000 mAh Li-ion Power Cell battery giving 60 minutes’ flight time with a 20-minute full charge on its wireless charging station.


The drone’s 30 megapixel camera with wide-angle lens will allow users to shoot 4K video.

At this point, however, the drone is just a concept. Leid is continuing to research the engineering behind the product and the right way to go about getting it on the market.

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