Tourists Photobomb Endangered Sea Turtles With Selfish Selfies

In Costa Rica, a group of sightseeing snappers decided to encapsulate the wonder of seeing turtles coming ashore by taking a crazy amount of photos.

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge is a crucial nesting site for the Olive Ridley sea turtle; however, a number of them decided enough was enough and headed back to sea after tourists swarmed the beach for selfies.

“Tourists are said to have touched turtles, stood on their nests, took pictures with their camera flashes on, and even placed children on top of turtles to take photos.”

The impromptu photo op is said to have scared away the maternal turtles and interfered with their nesting process which only occurs from the months of July to December, however mass beach arrivals only occur every three or four weeks.

While a major attraction for the park, Costa Rican authorities are now planning to ensure that only tourists with a licensed tour guide will have access to the beach to avoid repeat occurences.


Photos via Facebook SITRAMINAE-Sindicato de Trabajadores de MINAE

Header composite image by DigitalRev.