Apple iPhone 6s Launch Live Blog

Read the summary of the iPhone 6s & 6s Plus camera features here.

11:55 “Live Photos” is like video…but for 1.5 seconds. 12-megapixels


11:52 So far we have 4k video and a 12-megapixel iSight camera along with a 5-megapixel FaceTime camera.

The screen is gonna act as a flash for the FaceTime camera also.


11:51 So is this DSLR-like quality?


11:50 “Nails exposure with accurate colour”


11:46 12-mp iSight Camera. More pixels without trading off image quality. We love how Phil is obviously a photo geek like us.

New “Deep Trench Isolation” technology. Whatever that means. Phil says it separates photo diodes.


11:42 A9 processor 70% faster than the A8. Let’s hope that means it can power some seriously cool camera features…

Note that we can dismiss the two-lens rumour – looks like only one lens on the back. What other rumours are false?


11:41 Peeking into Instagram.


11:39 I had a plop and peek in the toilet this morning. Wipe. And then peek again.

11:31 “3D touch” for peek and pop. Sounds naughty. Press hard on the screen for more stuff…a bit like on the Apple Watch.


3D touch for maximum bokeh!

11:27 iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. “The most advanced iPhones ever” – I hope so, seeing as this succeeds the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus!


Now available in pink (rose gold aluminium)

11:25 Finally! The iPhone 6s announcement!


11:12 You can play games on Apple TV. Or, maybe I’ll just play Xbox instead.


New game – Crossy Road – looks just like Frogger…with a chicken

11:08 I’m going for a drink…call me when they start talking about the iPhone 6s.


That shirt though

10:58 Now they’re talking about the Apple TV stuff, might as well summarise the rumoured specs of the iPhone 6s camera again:

1.Possible two-lens system that would allow DSLR quality images

2.Although some sources deny the two-lens setup

3.Possible 12-megapixel camera

4.4k video capability

5.5mp front facing camera

6.Apple’s acquisition of LinX could bring DSLR-like quality images along with 3D image capability


10:57 This is the first time I’ve done a live blog on an Apple Event…now I know why I don’t bother reading live blogs on the announcement.

10:56 So, yeah, if you’ve just joined – we’re waiting for the iPhone 6s to be announced so we can find out what improvements have been made to the camera.

10:55 The future of tv is with apps. Apparently.


She’s enjoying tv on her phone so much, it gave her a stomach ache

10:53 Talking about Lok – Lok and Rita did a video on the Holga today. Totally unrelated.

10:52 Just spoke to Lok. He didn’t jizz in his pants. We’re both tutting and shaking our heads.

10:50 Sir Jony Ive’s voice is sounding especially buttery smooth…


“Look, Mum, that’s a moon next to a Saturn or Jupiter”

10:49 $99 for a pencil. An Apple pencil

10:49 Silver, gold and space grey. From $799.


So, in summary – the iPad Pro

10:45 3D Medical…so your doctor can show you how a digital rectal exam works before he does it.


10:40 New app: Adobe Photoshop Fix…process 50mp images easily.

Snowden promised to make her smile...crap chat up line

Snowden promised to make her smile…crap chat up line


Eric Snowden – the former CIA guy? Oh…that’s Edward

10:38 Microsoft Office/Powerpoint stuff…yeah…prolonged toilet break time


Asian guy not allowed to talk

10:35 “Who better to work with us on productivity than Microsoft?” – Errrr….


It can write Chinese too. Well, if you can write Chinese.

10:31 The Apple Pencil. No, really.


10:30 Smart keyboard


Look! Now it looks just like a laptop

10:29 You can edit videos on location…


…yeah, like everyone gets to edit a video on a beautiful sandy beach. We usually edit in a dark and freezing cold office.

10:28 4 speakers!


iPad Pro works as a quadcopter also…not really

10:26 You can edit 3 streams of 4k video at the same time. Lok just came in his pants. Probably


10:34 A rudimentary image of ski slope used to illustrate how much faster the iPad Pro is. “80x faster than most portable PCs shipped in the last 12 months”


10:33 iPad Pro good for looking at photos of a mountain that someone else took. 12.9″ screen.


10:22 BTW, Phil Schiller’s into photography…

10:21 The biggest thing to happen to iPad…literally.

adjvd0wpl0pkh01gyazh.jpg10:20 A big iPad! It’s a monitor!!


iPad Pro!

10:19 Biggest thing to happen to iPad since the iPad apparently…


Overheating iPad

10:18 “iPad has transformed the way we work”…no it hasn’t, I still procrastinate.


10:16 New strap colours…that is what everyone’s been waiting for…obviously.


10:14 Two new Watches: Gold & Rose Gold, Anodised Aluminium (not aluminum). Available 16th Sept.

10:13 Holy shit! Apple Watch x Hermés?! The Bloody Producer is all over this one like a fly to a freshly laid one!!


Apple Watch x Hermes

10:12 I guess now is a good time to go for a toilet break

10:11 “Woooh, way to go heart beats”

10:10 Don’t you just love how people cheer at anything at an Apple event?

10:09 Apparently you can time travel with the Apple Watch too

10:08 Apple Watch app to control GoPro…finally, the Apple Watch sounds quite useful.


10:04 Tim Cook wants to talk about Apple Watch…did it take this photo?


Ok, I’ve got nothing much better to do with my evening here so decided to join in the fun and frolics of an Apple iPhone launch day by writing a live blog of the launch. Live. From in front of my computer screen at my (home) office. Nobody invited me to the actual event.

Naturally, we’re looking to see how Apple have tweaked the camera in the new iPhone 6s. Rumoured specs have hinted that it could be Apple’s biggest jump up in terms of camera specs.

Possible two-lens system that would allow DSLR quality images

Although some sources deny the two-lens setup

Possible 12-megapixel camera

4k video capability

5mp front facing camera

Apple’s acquisition of LinX could bring DSLR-like quality images along with 3D image capability

Anyway, the show’s about to start!


A (wonky) photo of a screen – why didn’t I just screencap it?