Canon Develop 120-MP Camera and 8K Cinema EOS System

It seems Canon just won’t give it a rest—hot off their announcement yesterday of a gargantuan 250-megapixel sensor, they’ve gone ahead and thrown down the gauntlet to Phase One and Hasselblad (sorry Sony and Nikon), with an actual 120-megapixel DSLR and an 8K Cinema EOS system camera.

While the 120-megapixel EOS DSLR is just an unnamed prototype at the moment, if it ever comes out it will be able to use the EF-mount, have autofocus, and be compatible with 60 out of 96 existing EF lenses (no word on which ones miss out). The image we used above is only an illustrative example from Canon of what the camera might look like, but all their cameras look pretty similar anyways.

The prototype will feature a high-pixel-density CMOS sensor in the APS-H size, which will yield RAW files of 232MB—pretty much 4 times the size of the 60.5MB RAW files of the Canon 5DS.

Still, the size of the APS-H sensor means that medium-format users won’t be breaking tissues out to wipe away their tears of gold. A Canon this powerful will certainly take most existing EF lenses to the edge of their limits, which is why the general consumer will probably never really be affected.

Canon’s new camera won’t quite be full frame, but it’s close. / Wikimedia Commons

Canon did in fact announce the creation of a prior 120-megapixel APS-H sensor back in 2010, but this latest edition actually has a body, and is upgraded with all the newest technology that has been developed since then.

It’s worth noting that Canon’s previous sensor was never meant to be commercialised, and even though this time Canon has actually developed a body, they’ve yet to announce an official model name or any marketing information.

The Cinema EOS System 8K camera is meant for broadcast professionals

On the other hand, their new Cinema EOS System 8K camera will eventually be sold with the professional market in mind. 8K is effectively 16 times more powerful than today’s HD TVs, and the camera will feature a 35.39-megapixel still camera (35mm equivalent).

This will allow it to resolve 8,192 x 4,320 pixels, and it will even have 60fps and 13 stops of dynamic range. It will also be able to use 60 out of 96 existing EF-mount lenses, along with 18 EF Cinema lenses.

Thoughtfully, Canon have also developed an 8K reference display so professionals can make the best use out of their Cinema EOS System.

All these megapixels sound a bit outlandish at the moment, but considering how Canon pleasantly sprung the 5DS and 5DSR at us, who knows whether or not Father Canon will make Christmas come early…in late 2016?