Photo Magazine Publishing App Wants to Reignite Your Love of Print

Newly launched subscription service Recently takes your best photos and collates them in a personalised magazine sent to your doorstep each month.

For those of you who miss the satisfaction and ritual of sending films to be developed, then waiting with anticipation to receive prints following the advent of digital photography, this service may just be what you’ve been waiting for. Even better, it costs just $9 USD per ‘issue’, even less if you invite a friend to use the app.

How it works

Compared to photo books, using Recently is more simple, intuitive and quick—it automatically suggests 100 photos for you each month, allowing you to move and change others if you prefer. One click once a month and your magazine order can be sorted.


The magazines are designed to last, press-printed on luxury heavy stock paper.

For those who don’t take that many images, there is the option to select 50 images instead. From upload of selected images to delivery takes just one week or less.

Future improvements

At present each user can only order one copy of their magazine, though the company is working to change this. From this autumn, you’ll be able to send extra copies of your magazine, perfect to share moments with family on far shores.

The service currently has two drawbacks—subscriptions are available only to iPhone users and is only available for delivery in the USA, though the company is looking to expand to other platforms and for international delivery soon.

To download head to the app store and follow Recently on Facebook to keep up to date with developments, including the expansion of supported platforms and delivery destinations.