Instagram Account #everydayclimatechange Documenting Our Warming World

Led by photographer James Whitlow Delano, this social awareness project showcases stunning images from artists around the world aiming to put issues such as the increasing prominence of water shortage and the imminent danger of irresponsible farming with the aim of starting a global discussion.

The account Everyday Climate Change shows the most striking and powerful images, along with the stories that accompany them. The project launched in January of this year, and the account currently has almost 30,000 followers with over 600 self posts and over 3,000 images tagged with #everydayclimatechange by users.

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Images from EverydayClimateChange will be featured at Photoville, a free photography exhibit in Brooklyn, New York from 10 – 20 September 2015.

Delano is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the costs of production and travel.