Boyfriend Takes the Ultimate Plunge, Drops Engagement Ring into Ocean

couple from Charlotte, North Carolina were left a little damp after a marriage proposal gone wrong.

Matthew Pica took girlfriend Kayla Harrity and her family out to the Old American Fish in Southport where he decided to pop the big question by the pier. Unfortunately, the surprise proposal turned into a surprise hunt for the ring after it went plunging into the water.

As he opened the ring box, the ring fell out of the box and fell through the cracks on the deck and into the water. I didn’t even get to see it before it dropped.

Kayla’s brother-in-law, sister and Matthew jumped in but couldn’t find the rogue ring. That’s when three men watching the commotion at a nearby bar decided to join the quest.


The 1.5-hour expedition came to an end when a man named Kyle Blusher found the ring leading to cheers, and eventually more beers, as a brine-soaked Matthew proposed once again.


The night ended happily ever after with the newly engaged couple taking a romantic carriage ride around Southport.


We’d like to think a certain octopus lent a helping tentacle!