DSLR Goes For a Dip – Protects Photos Better Than Owner

The Canon Rebel T1i may not be built to survive deep sea adventure but it does have a very nifty blackbox feature to safeguard your photos!

David McFadyen was walking Laguna Lake when he discovered a wrecked DSLR lodged squarely in one of the cracks forming the clay lake bed. McFadyen dug the DSLR out of the fissure and was surprised to find the memory card was still intact and had photos of a specific bike riding event in Arroyo Grande.

After a bit of Facebook sleuthing, the owner was found to belong to photographer and bike race director Kelly Donohue who lost the camera at the non-profit fundraiser in 2013.

Exactly how the camera ended up in the lake remains a mystery, but Donohue is just happy to have it back. “Those photos are not just pictures, they’re also memories and they hold a lot of value for a lot of people.”

Despite miracles becoming increasingly common nowadays (case in point), the easiest way to prevent a mishap is to back up your photos regularly because Backing Up is the Best Thing You Can Do.