Short Noir Film Uses Camera Framing To Tell Multiple Truths

Because photographs and video can be cropped and manipulated to finesse an angle, it is important to understand that how you frame the story will change the story.

Taylor Engel demonstrates this in his short film The Pavement, a perplexing film noir that gives a peek into the lives of a romantic couple and a mysterious intruder.

Since we’re limited by our own perspective, every story can always be told differently. People see things differently. People remember different things. People tell stories differently. Because, well, people are different. We only remember what we can, we need the full picture to see it all.

*SPOILERS* The man goes from being a private detective, to a disgruntled man, to the woman’s husband, and then the other man’s brother.

The details presented from beginning to end remain true. However, the clearest picture forms only when the camera completely zooms away to expound upon lingering frames and help fill missing gaps in the narrator’s flawed memory.