Follow a Chicago Street Photographer Taking Pictures in GoPro POV

Photographer Keenan Hastings wore a GoPro while out shooting on the streets of Chicago with his Fujifilm X-T1 and XF 35mm lens.

Much like sports photographer Nate Olsen’s GoPro video, this footage provides an interesting POV insight into the photographers thought process.

The video shows the candid moments that caught Keenan’s attention and his method toward taking the shot, be it hiding behind a pillar or sitting down to meet his subject’s eye level.

Contrast this against the in-your-face frontline style of photography DillionVFX needed to adopt when out covering a protest and you’ll notice that street photography is about blending in before the shot and minimising disturbance, well, unless you’re a Bruce Gilden or Thomas Leuthard that is!