App Lets You Use Apple Watch as Viewfinder for Olympus Air A01

The Olympus Air A01 was released stateside earlier this month and has been turning heads with it’s 16-megapixel camera and unique form factor.


The camera is housed in the body of a lens and can be operated as is, but the full repertoire (live view mode) comes into play only when paired to a smartphone. So why wouldn’t you want to do this at all times? Well, size for one.

With smartphones becoming increasingly phablet-like these days, the overall compactness of the Air A01 would be offset by adding a bulky phone to its rear-end.

Japanese software developer Haruhito Fuji decided to remedy this with an app designed to have the Air A01 pair to iPhone (via wifi signal) and iPhone to Apple Watch (via bluetooth).


The AirRecipe app allows the Apple Watch to act as a miniature live view mode for previewing photos and video recordings.


A slight downside to this initial build is the signal delay between the camera and watch, nevertheless, Air A01 owners with an Apple Watch can give the app a whirl by downloading it here.